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Important Items You Must Remember If You Are Involved In A Pedestrian Accident

First and foremost Take care of your medical needs first!

1) Don’t move. Chances are a pedestrian will come to your aid. Stay in the position you are in. Don’t move your neck or back. Stay on the ground. Let the emergency responders take you to the hospital. Do not try and be a hero and touch it out. There is a good chance that you are injured. There is always a possibility of internal injuries as well as nerve damage so you may not feel the pain right away.

2) The emergency personnel will want to take spinal injury precautions. Although most of the time its only precautionary, due to the high mechanism of injury (aka, mechanism of impact) the EMT’s, firefighters, or paramedics will take these precautions in almost every accident involving a pedestrian.

C-collar used by emergency responders to stabilize the neck in pedestrian accidents

The c-collar will be slightly uncomfortable but it should not be painful and it should not affect your breathing. If it hurts or is affecting breathing patterns, let the emergency responders know asap.

Backboard used to stabilize the back in a pedestrian injury accident.

Just as the c-collar, the backboard will be slightly uncomfortable but it should not hurt.

3) Remain calm. The emergency personnel will tend to any other injuries you may have. Try and have a bystander call a family member.

4) The police are entitled to get your statement as to how the accident happened. If you are feeling weak or are unable to give them a statement at the scene of the accident, they will likely visit the hospital and get your statement there. If you are medically stable, and it is possible, call your pedestrian accident lawyer. (Best to call before statement is given to the police.)

5) Relax and let the doctors do their work.


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