Help Beat the Red Light Camera System

In the next few days, two anti-motorist bills will land on Governor Brown’s desk, for signature, or veto.  
Please call or email Brown and ask him to veto.  The bills are:
AB 529. This bill will allow cities to reduce posted speeds by 5 mph, even on streets with a great safety record. The lower posted speed will allow them to shorten yellows, which will increase red light cam ticketing by at least 50%. (Four of the sponsoring cities have red light cams.) Worse, the shortening will increase severe accidents by 30 to 40%.
SB 29: This bill is being sold as “red light camera reform” while it actually makes things worse for motorists. For example, it reduces the number of warning signs, from four per intersection under current law, to just one or two. The bill also muddles the current law giving the police only 15 days to get red light camera tickets into the mail.  If the authors of this bill were really interested in reform, they would have done something about the fine for rolling right turns, or the 1.5 million cars with “protected plates.”  But they did not.
Phone Gov. Brown at 916 445-2841, or email him via the form at Ask him to veto AB 529 and SB 29.  Also phone your union or professional association.
More details about these bills are at the top of my Action/Legis page, at: .