Injury Car Accident

What Information To Get After An Injury Car Accident

I can’t tell you how many times a client has come in with little or no information about the car accident they were just involved in. If you are involved in an auto accident, obviously the first thing you need to do is worry about your health. Make sure you call 9112 if you suspect any injuries. If there is anyone in the car that is experiencing neck or back pain from the accident, and if there is no immediate threat by staying in the car, try to stay in the car and do not move your neck. The fire department / ambulance will evaluate you.

Make sure you let the 911 operator know that there is someone injured so that they will not only send the police but an ambulance as well. You may be transferred to a second operator. The first operator being the police, and then the second one being the fire department. In the City of Los Angeles, the first call taker is a police dispatcher and they gather some basic information and will then transfer you to the Los Angeles Fire Department Operator who will give you “pre-arrival” instructions and will likely advise you not to move any injured people.

What are the important items I need to get regarding the accident?

  • Name of other driver
  • Address of other driver
  • Number of other driver
  • License Plate # of other driver
  • Drivers License Number (and State) of other driver
  • Birthdate of other Driver
  • Make/Model/Color of other car
  • Insurance Company of other Driver
  • Insurance Policy # of other Driver
  • Name, number, address of all Witnesses (even if they give the info to the police)
  • If there are multiple other cars, add all information for additional cars.
  • Pictures of the scene as well as the damage to both cars.

Too much information to handle? Use our handy smartphone mobile site that will assist you in gathering the information This tool has all the necessary fields that you need to fill out. Once complete, it will send all of the information for my office for review. Please note: The questionnaire on is meant solely for the use of the consulting attorney for purposes of analyzing and evaluating the prospective client’s case. Although the information you supply is strictly confidential, submission of this form DOES NOT CREATE AN ATTORNEY / CLIENT RELATIONSHIP.

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Ari Friedman
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